Porsche Approved Warranty

Porsche Approved Warranty

60% of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today. This clearly indicates our commitment to exceptional performance and reliability.

Porsche warranty extension is designed to give total peace of mind and the reassurance that your pride and joy has the complete backing of a factory warranty. When your new or pre-owned Porsche warranty is due to expire, you can extend your warranty. Your Porsche warranty extension provides similar benefits and security to those of any new Porsche warranty, and is detailed below.

Pricing 1 Year warranty extension 2 Year warranty extension
Boxster & Cayman $1590* $2390*
Macan $1690* $2590*
Cayenne  $1890* $2890*
Panamera  $2090* $3190*
911  $2090* $3190*
*Includes GST and is valid for the Australian market. For all other markets please contact your nearest Official Porsche Centre.

The Porsche warranty extension is valid for a period of 12 months and offers comprehensive cover. The warranty can be used to extend cover on a new vehicle or Porsche-Approved Pre-Owned car and is accepted by Official Porsche Centres around Australia and, in fact, the world.

With the added security that comes with comprehensive warranty cover, you can now look forward to many thousands of kilometres of stress-free driving pleasure from your Porsche. Should you choose to sell your vehicle privately, the Porsche warranty extension is transferable* and may add to the attractiveness of your Porsche to prospective purchasers. Please note, the warranty is not transferable to another party (e.g. a licensed motor vehicle dealer) if that party acquires the vehicle for the purpose of resale.

Warranty Extension Conditions
  • The Porsche warranty extension is available on qualifying Porsche vehicles aged between one and nine years, and with a total mileage of less than 200,000 km.
  • The warranty can be extended annually via your Official Porsche Centre service department prior to the policy expiring, following a technical inspection.
  • If your vehicle’s policy has expired, provided the ownership of the vehicle has not changed, the policy can also be extended once the vehicle has passed the multi-check inspection examination and any faults detected repaired using genuine Porsche parts.
  • All service tasks must be performed and documented as specified in the Warranty Guarantee and Maintenance booklet.


The Porsche Approved Pre-owned Car Warranty covers the following vehicle components:

  • Engine: All components.
    Exclusions – spark plugs, drive belt, drive belt tensioner and rollers.
  • Power train / Transmission: All components.
    Exclusions – clutch disc and pressure plate
  • Suspension / Steering: All components.
    Exclusions – shock absorbers, tyres, tyre sealing system, PDCC reservoir 
  • Brake system: All components.
    Exclusions – brake pads, brake discs.
  • Heating / Air conditioning: All components.
    Exclusions – refrigerant gas 
  • Electrics: All components.
    Exclusions – all lamps, (excluding Xenon and LED lamps), fuses, Batteries, wiper blades.
  • Body: All components.
    Exclusions – floor mats, fire extinguisher, visual and acoustic defects – rattles 
  • Other Exclusions – all filters, fluids, oils and greases

Warranty Conditions
  • The vehicle must continue to be maintained as described in the Warranty and Maintenance booklet.
  • The vehicle must not have been subjected to undue strains or used for purposes other than those for which it was intended.
  • The Porsche warranty is not available to be purchased by licensed motor vehicle dealers for any vehicle that will be sold in their business.
  • Warranty defects must be presented immediately to an Official Porsche Centre.

Download the Brochure:

Porsche Service Department
P: 02 8966 6934 or 02 8966 6935
E: service@porschewilloughby.com.au



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